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Confined Space and Smoke Ejector Blowers

Confined space blowers are electric blowers that are generally used to remove fumes, gasses, or debris in the air from a confined area.

Available Confined Space and Smoke Ejector Blowers

Exhaust Blowers

This lightweight, corosion, UV and chemical resistant polyethylene housing offers a superior design with durable construction.The carry handle is molded into the blower. This compact and super quiet unit features a polypropylene, nine blade fan, a steel/powder coated grill and comes with a 5ft. electrical cord or 15 ft. cord with Alligator clips. The bottom enclosure ensures safe and convenient storage of electrical components. Designed to work seperately with canister and ducting. The quick-connect clipping system allows workers to attach canister, tools-free, to input side for powerful extraction or output side for ventilation.

Smoke Ejectors

For very large confined spaces this large, 16" axial blower delivers high output for drawing or pushing air. The durable and tough metal housing holds a 6 blade impeller. It is designed for easy stacking for multiple blower use.

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